What is Locavore???

(pronounced /LOW-kuh-vor/)

Locavore is a word coined in 2005 by chef and author Jessica Prentice describing the movement to eat locally. The word conveys the idea of eating foods from your local area, as well as the sense of connection to the community with whom we break bread. It celebrates the relationships we have with people, as well as the relationship we have with the earth that produced our food. We have adopted the word as the name for our store because these are ideas that reflect our values. 

Our store spotlights a variety of locally-made edibles, including hard-to-find black currant products, a variety of specialty salts by Syracuse Salt Company, Finger Lakes Harvest Fruit Shrubs, and maple syrups from Dutch Hill Maple in Tully, New York, and Tree Juice in Arkville, New York.

Locavore also carries items that come from faraway places, such as coffees, olive oils and salts, because these too are important parts of our pantry. We also carry a nice selection of kitchen tools and gadgets, including some by Zyliss, Cole & Mason, and Jamie Oliver. And we have a fabulous selection of cookbooks and books about food. All told, we offer items from more than thirty vendors, near and far. 

Our hope is that our customers will become thoughtful eaters and consumers, and that we make informed choices about what and how we eat.

For more about the story of Locavore Culinary Boutique, check out our blog!