Our Team

OUR TEAM: The Fabulous Four, plus Skye!


Bethany Bradley Haswell

Hot and sassy, Bethany is a native of Upstate New York, and with husband, James, owns Locavore’s sister store, Stomping Grounds, which is located on Seneca Street in Geneva. Beth has many years of retail experience, including a background in antiquarian books and paper. Although she would never say this about herself, her partners believe that her eye for unique and beautiful merchandise shows itself masterfully at both Locavore and Stomping Grounds. A talented writer, Beth has been known to author witty and clandestine musings about life in retail. But don't fret. What happens in retail stays in retail. 



James Haswell

Hot and intriguing, James brings a number of gifts to Locavore's managerial table. We turn to him for all technological issues, and he is equally skilled in art reproduction and printing. James owned a cafe at one point in his career, and remains enthusiastic about the culinary arts. A man of mystery, he is also rumored to be a gaming connoisseur, though no one knows for sure. He may or may not have also founded a local group that specializes in philosophical speculations, which may or may not be under FBI surveillance. Beth & James have a lovely daughter named Lillian, who taste-approved many of the edibles we carry in the store.



Tahlia Fischer

Hot & professorly, Tahlia originally came to the Finger Lakes to be a graduate student at Syracuse University, although prior to that experience she led the life of a professional yet underpaid musician. As a native of L.A., Tahlia found Syracuse winters so enjoyable that she left to do a Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. But alas, the Finger Lakes drew her back. She taught at Ithaca College before abandoning that adventure to manage Locavore's finances and taxes, which is not anywhere near as fun as her avocation: eating her way through the Finger Lakes. 



Fay Botham

Hot & catlike, Fay, who is Tahlia's partner, also hails from parts west. After spending nearly 15 years as a college professor, including nine years in Geneva at Hobart & William Smith Colleges, she jumped ship to begin a new entrepreneurial career as Locavore's front person. Fay writes the store blog, The Braless Gourmet, which extols the joys of comfort, community, and culinary delights. Fay and Tahlia host a variety of ungrateful animals in their home, including a dog named Skye, who occasionally writes on the blog, and three cats, who exhibit undue hostility toward their family members.


A dog named Skye.

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