Raw Honey Sampler by Bee Raw

Raw Honey Sampler by Bee Raw


Bee Raw

These vials of Bee Raw Raw Honey are hand filled, corked and sealed with beeswax, and the perfect stocking stuffer, or party or wedding favor. Add a custom label for your wedding, or get two or thee varietals, order some cheese and have a tasting party.

Choose between Raw Washington Buckwheat Honey or Raw Maine Blueberry Honey: 


Washington State Buckwheat Honey is stout and complex. It can be compared to other sweeteners such as sorghum or molasses.
  • Apiary Location: Washington State
  • Floral Source: Cultivated organic buckwheat flowers (Fagopyrum esculentum)
  • Cheese and Dairy Pairing: Fresh goat cheeses, ricotta, Greek yogurt
  • Tea Pairing: Elderflower tea
  • Fruit Pairing: Grapefruit, especially broiled


Strong and sweet, with earthy components, this delectable honey made in Maine finishes with a playful, buttery-sweet note. 10.5 oz. 

  • Cheese and Dairy Pairing: Stilton and other mild blue chesses; crème fraiche, sour cream, yogurt
  • Tea Pairing: Lung Ching Green, High Mountain Oolong
  • Cocktail Pairing: The Honeybee
  • Fruit Pairing: Lemon, melons
  • Apiary Location: Maine
  • Floral Source: Managed wild low bush blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium)