Ithaca Dukkah
Ithaca Dukkah
Ithaca Dukkah

Ithaca Dukkah



Dukkah is a North African and Middle Eastern street food that derives from the Egyptian Arabic word for “to crush or pound”. Dukkah of all varieties is a blend of roasted nuts and seeds, seasoned with a variety of spices. As the ingredients are ground together, aromatics are released, giving it an intoxicating fragrance!

Dukkah is sold on the street in paper cones, but is also a reasonable way to add flavor to foods. The most unique quality of IthacaDukkah is its versatility. It's delicious on...

  • cantaloupe
  • bread & veggies dipped in olive oil 
  • sandwiches
  • tomatoes
  • salads
  • soups
  • dips
  • many things!!!

Ithaca Dukkah is mixture of almonds, sesame seeds, and spices, which are individually toasted and partially or totally ground. Also contains pepper and sea salt. 

Shelf life is approx 3 months.